If you want to know about a leader, ask the people who follow him…

“Matt Hoag is a true artist. He inspired my passion for graphic design and the production industry. Through volunteering for years and interning with him, he has become my mentor. He is patient and encouraging in everything he has taught me. From light design to Adobe Illustrator, Matt taught me everything I know about the industry. He taught me to think with the mindset of a producer and a designer, he taught me to take chances, be proactive, have initiative, as well as what to look for on stage and in video, how to relate music to stage lighting, and how to translate ideas in images. Watching his leadership showed me how to behave professionally and how to train others with grace and respect. From my first day volunteering he showed me (a sophomore in high school) the same respect he would a professional. He instilled a sense of confidence and accepted imperfections as learning.”
-Maci, Production Intern

“I have had the privilege of serving alongside Matt for almost 3 years. He epitomizes servant leadership and continually strives to bring out the best in others. Matt’s creative eye has helped to consistently establish environments that are conducive to the working of the Holy Spirit. He not only possesses a creative mind, but has the technical expertise to bring his designs to life across a broad range of media platforms ranging from print to video to web. Matt is humble, professional, and genuinely loves others. More importantly though, he loves God and is very much in tune to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in everything he does.”
-Brian, Production Volunteer

“Being a friend to and working with Matt Hoag for the last six years at Southbrook Church Worship Production is to me, considered one of the highlights of attending Southbrook.  Because of the exciting environment that Matt developed I always chose to arrive to serve early.  In fact, I would call him and ask him to put me on the schedule.  It was exciting to get there and be in the midst of what Matt was doing not to mention he always made a great shot of expresso!  He provided ample opportunity to be a part of a dynamic worship team as well to be involved, to grow and cross-train.   In spite of his extreme design talents at Southbrook, Matt always insisted that our primary focus was to provide an environment where the congregation could best worship and learn from their Lord and Savior.  Without fail we knew that this was a time to let God be in charge.  Matt was always there when I got there and still there when I left.  All of the work that passed through Matt’s hands be it graphics, video, sound, lighting, print material was and is always done top notch.”
-Sean, Production Volunteer

… or those he follows…

I have known and worked with Matt Hoag for over 2 years. Matt is a Christ-follower whose work always reflects his love and passion for Jesus. When Matt is committed to performing a task, he never does it half-heartedly. Instead, he always gives his best for God’s glory.
Shane Freeman, Lead Pastor – Southbrook Church

I have worked with Matt on a church staff for 5 plus years.  Matt’s a solid guy and has great knowledge, technical expertise and brings alot of artistic/creative ideas to the table. His character and attention to details is second to none and his years of experience will be a much appreciated addition to any team.
Kevin Conklin, Care Pastor – Southbrook Church